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We started the school year off right! Our club believes in meaningful giving. Getting kids the right tools for the school year isn't just about giving them a bunch of pencils and crayons.

So how do we do it? And why are we different? We pull the supply lists for every grade, in every public school, Pre-K - 8th. We give one full supply list per child, per school! That's over 30 children given the supplies we -know- they and the teachers need.

And we don't stop there. We reach out to our social workers and continue to make sure all the kids are well-equipped for success throughout the school year. That's clothing, lunch bags, shoes, and more.

That's why when you donate to our club, you know your dollars are making a difference in the Long Beach community, every day!

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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Sometimes the best fundraisers are the simplest. And it doesn't get easier than Lemonade on a hot day. Over the coarse of a couple weekends this spring, these kids raised over $600 to send underprivileged kids to camp. We value these young stewards of our community and could not be prouder of their efforts! Thank you for making our summer camp program a success!!

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This spring and summer our two guest bartending events were a huge success. Thanks so the efforts of our guest bartenders and members, our club was able to get enough funding to send over 20 kids to local camps this summer -and- outfit over 30 children in our public schools with the supplies they need to start the year off right.

We thank our guest bartenders, Barbara Mullaney, Vicky Bartko-Green and Jennifer Bartko-McConnell as well as Dennis Brooks and Mike Corr who raised over $2000 at the always wonderful Jetty Bar and Grill to help us meet our goal for school supplies this year.

We also thank Phyllis Katzen and Jean Vitalo Lisa for packing out Roc & Olive, who generously gave us the bar for the night and raised over $2800 towards our camp season fundraising this past spring!

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