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Our club has a goal of sending 18 underserved children to city camps this summer. We are providing full day camp options to the Day Trippers Program and half day options to our Local Recreational Camps. Your Donation can help.

Why Summer Camps?

Working families often struggle to balance work and child care in the summer months. Children can be shuffled around as parents look for viable options. The cost of Summer Camps can make them an inaccessible option.

With our support these families can have the benefit of having a safe and consistent program all summer, while the children themselves get to interreact with friends, get outdoors, and learn new things, all while having a great time.

It is our belief that supporting children with the best opportunities for care and education lead

to life long success. It is why we put so much effort into getting our local kids into these kinds of programs.

The programs that KCLB will be supporting children with this summer:

City of Long Beach Recreation Camps Morning Sessions $625

City of Long Beach Recreation Camps Afternoon Sports Sessions $625

City of Long Beach Recreation Camps CIT Program $350

City of Long Beach Full Day, Day Trippers Program $720

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